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Scooby Doo / Signed by Matthew Lillard

Special jacket painted for a meet and greet w/ Matthew Lillard of Scooby Doo! Signature upper rt. shoulder.

Created with fuzed repurposed T-shirt screen print. Colorful flowers painted to complete the fun look.

Variant Vest with Hood

The Loki look, repurposed t-shirt screen prints fuzed and stitched to jacket with an added hood of green velour and lined gold satin.

Jack Skellington Vest

Jack Skeleton and his love Sally, a full back panel hand painted in acrylics. Added fabric with graphics of theme on ft. shoulders, and black lined hood, additional fun novelty buttons of Jack and Sally added around the jacket.

Mickey Pants

"Fun with Mickey" pants was created by repurposing a pair of jeans, a t-shirt graphics of Mickey and some added fun bandana pieces for extra color! Fused and stitched. This would be fun with "Your" favorite character too!

Concha Earrings

Handmade Concha earrings, just like in the Panaderia (bakery). Each one has been rolled out and created out of polymer clay. The handmade makes them extra special, made with love.

Color Bead Earrings

Small hoop earrings full of color, made with small wooden beads through out the hoop and accented with a colorful striped dangle bead.

Color Rings Earrings

These are fun Large hoops! Make sure that you are seen and shine with confidence. Hoops are approx. 2" wide and are filled with fun plastic linking beads.

Color Bead Earrings

Hand beaded glass beads fill these extra large hoops (approx.3"). Beads are wrapped all the way around with colorful beads that include colors of silver and gold.

Color Rings Earrings

These hearts are extra special, made from repurposed plastics. When you purchase these earrings for your collection, you're helping to keep less plastics in the landfills. Hearts are hand cut and punched, accented with small foam beads, rings and chain.